Sunday, 18 November 2012

Reaction to first post and a common prisoner voting rights mistake

The reaction to my first post has been great. Thanks to everyone who read and shared, especially the community over at I hope it will only get better from here and would like to see more involvement in the comments and on Twitter. As a reminder, my Twitter is @mattjreason and you can suggest any stories that look fishy using the tag #datadredge.

Voting rights for prisoners

I was watching ITV news just now and they made the common mistake of utterly misreporting what the European Court of Human Rights ruling on prisoners voting rights actually means. This is also something that the politicians constantly get wrong.

Basically, the ruling is only against a blanket ban and does not actually prevent our government from banning some prisoners from voting. This is particularly relevant as their latest proposal to allow some short term prisoners and those awaiting trial to vote is most probably acceptable to the ECHR. So the attempts by the government to make it look like a middle finger to Europe is just pathetic spin.

This great blog from the Durham Pro Bono Society does a good job at explaining the ruling along with some well thought out opinion. This BBC article also covers how the UK can decide which prisoners can vote.

Thanks again for the reaction so far and I hope you keep coming back, there will be a new debunking by Friday.

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